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the connecticut police union is giving those for those officers needing time off due to the trama from the tragedy. >>> also ahead, they captivate audience was their dribbling and all of their magic on the court. we will tell you about catching the legendary harlem globetrotters coming up. with my keurig vue brewer, i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue. >>> connecticut police union right now is fighting for help. >> first responders at the sandy hook elementary school shooting could have long lasting trauma from what they saw inside. we have more on story. >> reporter: one can imagine the terror felt by first responders as they ran into sandy hook elementary on december 14th. and the carnage they saw even more disturbing. >> i think they are very resilient and they are doing the best they can. >> reporter: but eric brown a lawyer says the best may not be good enough. >> the thing about the traumas that we read a
into the afternoon. showers. 36 degrees now in union bridge and 33 and this is what you can expect throughout the day. temperatures are still coming in around 46 degrees. >> i see you did not forget your purple. best of luck to the ravens as they take on the redskins. hopefully they win. >>> traveling on 895 good news a crash has cleared from the southbound lanes. a look at the tunnel. and everything is moving along. it will take you the normal 8 minutes to travel northbound from the beltway. all the way up to towson and over on the west side eight to travel the outer loop. that's a look at the time saver traffic. over to you. >>> and a reminder of people across the country. everyone saw it showing just how mean the streets can be a tourist beaten and robbed and stripped. it was right in front of the courthouse and the thing was caught on video. and we have the story. and what is happening today with this? and she will be here for the sentencing. this where she was involved in the crime. and it took place in front on st. patrick's day. it was videotaped. baldwin and others beat up a tourist. one is b
is at about 100%. 100% goes into union bridge with the temperature at 46 degrees dew point coming in at 46 degrees as well. and that means that the air is saturated this morning. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now for the most part. but as we go through the afternoon, the later morning hours there is a chance for another shower to work the way in here. but we will get gradual clearing going throughout the day as well. we will start out with the fog this morning and we will turn mostly cloudy to partly cloudy as we go throughout the day and the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s and we will be mostly clear skies as we head later into the evening. megan and charley over to you. >>> the tragedy in newtown connecticut has renewed the debate over gun control in the u.s. >> linda so is standing by with calls for change and something that's happening in washington, d.c. what's happening today. >> reporter: there's a newly formed grass roots organization that's called newtown united. they will send people to dc today. they are calling for better gun control to prevent a simi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3